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Ep. 150 Kevin Hurt, Executive Director of IABC

Shows Main Idea – Rick Thomas sat down with Kevin Hurt, Executive Director of the IABC to talk about counseling, discipleship, the local church, and how to do soul care well.

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Show Notes

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Dr. Kevin Hurt serves as Senior Pastor at Grace Bible Church of Clayton, Georgia.  He has from the inception of Grace Bible Church, been committed to the exposition of God’s Word through verse-by-verse teaching of the Scriptures.

It is his heart’s desire to make the Scriptures clearly understood and applicable in today’s uncertain and confused world. Pastor Kevin has received training in Biblical Counseling with ACBC under Lou Priolo, a Fellow with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). He has served on the Executive Board of IABC for over ten years, and has been Executive Vice President most of that time. Dr. Hurt travels extensively teaching and training other Biblical Counselors.

  1. Why are you serving IABC?
  2. What are some distinctives of IABC?
  3. What has attributed to its growth?
  4. What do you foresee and pray about for the future of IABC?

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