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Ep. 131 Dr. Daniel Berger On “The Insanity Of Madness”

Shows Main Idea – “The Insanity Of Madness,” by Dr. Daniel Berger explores how everyone has a “disorder,” which is a by-product of human fallenness. He further explains how modern psychology has not real answers, but we have hope in the sufficiency of God’s Word. This interview will encourage and inform.

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For much of the twentieth century, psychiatry, psychology and social theory have held that mental illness, historically known as madness, cannot be objectively defined. This fluidity of concept is especially striking in light of the dogmatism that continues to characterize these fields of study and practice.

However, the unmistakable failure to effectively treat the widespread evidence of mental struggle points to the possibility that psychiatric theory has gotten something wrong or missed something at the foundational level. Could it be that mental illness is recognizable across all cultures and all eras, that it has a clear definition which was directly stated in the past and is still clearly observed in modern psychiatry’s DSM disorders?

This book explores what mental illness or madness is objectively; furthermore, it asserts that mental illness does indeed have a clear definition, a distinct cause and a reliable remedy. No one will argue the fact that the diagnoses of mental illness are of epidemic proportions. But this does not have to be the case: the remedy is clear; the madness can stop.

Three Key Resources From Dr. Berger

  1. Post-Traumatic Stress Is Not a Disorder
  2. The Stigma Of Mental Illness
  3. How To Discern the Cause and Solutions Of a Child’s Behavior

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Teaching A Child to Pay Attention: Proverbs 4:20-27The Truth About ADHDMental Illness: The Necessity for Faith and Authority (Volume 1)Mental Illness: The Reality of the Spiritual Nature (Volume 2)

Learn More About Daniel Berger

Dr. Daniel R. Berger II is the founder and director of Alethia International Ministries (AIM), where he continues to write and to speak around the country in various churches, organizations, and at various counseling and teacher’s conferences. He is also an experienced pastor, counselor, school administrator, and the author of numerous books on Biblical counseling, practical theology, education, and the history and philosophy of the current mental health construct.

Daniel earned his B.S. in counseling, an M.S. in counseling/ psychology, an M.A. in pastoral studies, and a doctorate in pastoral theology. He is also a certified member of the International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC).

When he is not traveling to speak, Daniel and his wife Oriana live in Greenville South Carolina with their four children. Daniel also enjoys photography, golf (but not on the PGA tour), basketball, and almost every type of food. He has lived in Hawaii, Florida, Ohio, the Dominican Republic, and grew up in Cross Lanes West Virginia.

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