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Ep. 125 A Weak Church Model: The Regular Attender

Shows Main Idea – In the old days, it was expected to become a church member. Today, it’s not a big deal, and the repercussions of a low church commitment are dangerous. The primary issue is about commitment versus low-commitment to local body life.

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Podcast Outline

  1. Membership Is Not Mandated Biblically
    1. The real issue is commitment vs. non-commitment
    2. The two teams, generally speaking, are members vs. attenders, though there are exceptions to this.
    3. More on the dangers of non-membership below.
  2. Old Way Is Not Wrong
    1. Not trying to sound like the “get off my lawn” guy.
    2. But community life used to be the local church building.
  3. A Culture Shift: a New Social Center for Community
    1. Social Media is the new social center for relationships.
    2. Transient culture.
    3. Pastoral abuse.
    4. Ineffectiveness of the church.
    5. Bad religion, i.e., legalism.
    6. Church burnout: too much church work.
    7. Sports gods, e.g., soccer, swim team, etc.
  4. The Result: Low-view of the church.
    1. The church is no longer “must-see TV.”
    2. Membership is not valued any longer.
  5. The Danger
    1. Limited accountability.
    2. Complainers outnumber the problem-solvers.
    3. Spectators outnumber participators.
    4. Ineffective soul care.
    5. Pragmatism: filling ministry slots with low-character people.
    6. Attenders in children’s ministry.
    7. Cannot do church discipline.
    8. More attenders than members weaken the church (see graphic).
  6. The Solution
    1. Find a church and become a member. You join what you love.
    2. Don’t complain if you’re not part of the solution.
    3. Share your concerns with your church with your leader(s).
    4. Read my book: “Local Church: Love It, Leave It, Change It.”
    5. As you are changing yourself, begin discipling one other person, with the hope of bringing change to your church.
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