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Ep. 124 A Proactive Model For Equipping Your Church

Shows Main Idea – Having a strategic and well thought out plan for equipping the saints for the work of the ministry is vital for any church that wants to spread the fame of God more effectively. In this podcast, I illustrate a plan for training the church with five infographics.

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Show Notes

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Other Considerations

  1. Church Plant v. Established Church
  2. Pastoral Gifting: Controller v. Delegating
  3. Pastoral Gifting: Church Planter, Small Church Leader, Large Church Leader
  4. Church Worldview: Preaching-Centered, Ministry-Centered, or Preaching/Discipleship-Centered

Six Helpful Infographics

1 – Identify the Three Demographics In Your Church

2 – Begin To Strategize How You Will Care For Those People Groups

3 – Implement Your Plan To Care For Them

4 – The Provision Model Spends Too Much Time Providing For the Attenders

5 – The Proactive Model Identifies and Equips Leaders to Do the Work Of the Ministry

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