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Ep. 119 A Man’s Ministry May Be More Than You Think

Shows Main Idea – An individual’s ministry never starts “out there somewhere” but always within their immediate sphere of influence. If you do not take care of those closest to you, it is likely you will compromise what you do “out there,” even to the point of seeing it collapse.

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A man’s ministry works out in ever-increasing circles:

1. Himself – He must take care of himself spiritually and physically, or he won’t be able to do much.
2. Wife – After keeping himself fit for ministry, the primary person he “ministers” to is his wife.
3. Children – If he has children, they are next.
4. Close Friends – He must have a close network of real-world friends who can know “ALL” of him and speak into his life.
5. Local Church – Those friends, ideally, should be in his local church, but, regardless, he must be “known” and cared for by his local church.
6. Greater Ministry – This “ministry” may be the “thing” he does for a living or a “side-hustle.” Either way, it’s SIXTH on the list, just like if it was what we call a “regular job.”

“Ministry” ALWAYS works out like this. It’s the way Jesus did things too:

1. He took care of Himself, even pulling away from folks to care for his soul.
2. He had Peter, James, and John.
3. He had the other Nine.
4. He had Mary, Martha, and a few other close friends.
5. He ministered to the crowds.

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