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Ep. 101 Are Behaviors Caused Biologically or Spiritually?

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Shows Main Idea – How do you determine if your child’s behaviors have biological or spiritual causes? Why does it matter? Can physical problems cause sinful attitudes and responses in an individual? What are the solutions for these culturally relevant issues? Dr. Daniel Berger gives us the answers.

Show Notes

You may want to listen:

  1. On what basis are behaviors determined to be biologically vs. spiritually caused?
  2. Why are some valid physical illnesses/diseases considered to be mental illnesses and listed in the DSM-5?
  3. Does the Bible talk about people with disabilities?
  4. How do you help families with autistic children walk through these things?
  5. Do physicians sometimes diagnose children (even adults) with mental illnesses when children actually have a valid physiological disease?
  6. Are churches, in general, helping or hurting families who have children with disabilities? How can churches change this?
  7. What can parents do to help children with sensory processing issues or impairment to improve?

About Daniel

I am pleased to recommend this important and helpful addition to the biblical counselor’s toolbox. Daniel Berger has quickly become a valued member of the International Association of Biblical Counselors and his volumes provide research and sound scholarship for issues often avoided in biblical counseling.

Daniel Berger

In this book, Dr. Berger challenges the common psychological and psychiatric doctrines that lead to diagnoses of schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

You may be surprised that there are clear biblical explanations and solutions for these conditions, but be encouraged that God’s Word has provided everything needed to help suffering friends, family members, and fellow Christians.

Dr. Berger writes for a scholastic and practicing community of counselors, but his insights will be helpful as well for individuals and families struggling with issues that seem beyond cure without psychotherapy and psychoactive drugs.

At a recent IABC conference, an attendee said, “I never understood why you folks are so concerned about psychology, but after hearing Dr. Berger, I get it!” I recommend you get his books and share them with your friends.

Dr. Ed Bulkley – President of the International Association of Biblical Counselors

Dr. Berger’s Website

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