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Ep. 100 Become a Certified Biblical Counselor Through Our Ministry

RMlogo Ep. 100 Become a Certified Biblical Counselor Through Our Ministry

Shows Main Idea – Through our Mastermind Training Progam, you have the opportunity to become a Certified Biblical Counselor. In this podcast, I share this opportunity with you. NOTE: Due to the sinful fracturing and fallout of the IABC in 2019, I decided that we would no longer be part of that organization. Thus, we do not offer certification through them.

To learn more about our reasons for leaving, read or listen here: Ep. 202 Why I’m No Longer Part of the IABC

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Show Notes

Got Questions?

Our Mastermind Training

Go to our Mastermind Training Program page to learn more.

  1. It is self-paced
  2. It takes about two years
  3. It’s all online
  4. You can quit anytime you wish
  5. You can pause anytime you want
  6. I do the primary supervision/training

Who can do it?

  • It’s not a Bible study, small group, or discipleship training
  • Some of the characteristics of the students who have completed our training:
    • Autonomous, Determined, Proactive, Insightful, Cooperative, Don’t Procrastinate, Time Managers, Passionate, Teachable, Self-Controlled, Disciplined, Responsible, Not Defensive, Transparent, Open to Critique, Approachable, Confident, Articulate, Curious, Diligent, Flexible, Focused, Enthusiastic, Intuitive, Organized, Punctual, Responsible
  • Don’t disqualify yourself yet. Nobody has perfected any of these character traits, but the presence of them must be there, at least in embryonic form. I don’t look for the perfection of gifts or traits, but the presence of them, however small they may be.

Our Emphasis

  1. Gospel-centered
  2. Relationally oriented
  3. We maintain a high view of the local church

Why did I decide to offer certification?

  1. We developed our brand of training.
  2. We customize the training to the person
    1. No cookie-cutter training
    2. We carefully collaborate with the student to talk honestly about their gift-mix. Being certified does not mean you’re qualified for high-level, complicated counseling cases. Remember the “V.”
  3. You may receive our training but stop short of the certification process. If so, you will be well trained to the competency that the Lord gave you. In this way, you may receive our training but not receive certification.

The Certification Process

This process is for certification only, not for doing our training. You may do our training and not seek certification with IABC, but if you believe you want IABC certification, you will want to become a member with them, then enter our training. Upon completing our training, you will continue this certification process, which continues with the counseling exam. 

  1. Complete our Mastermind Training
  2. Become a member of the International Association of Biblical Counselors ($60 per year for a free member, and $75 per year after your certification.)
  3. Complete the counseling exam
  4. Complete the theological exam
  5. Complete 50 hours of supervised counseling sessions (That’s leading 50 sessions.)

Supplemental (Podcast) Information

  1. There is no passing or failing in our program
  2. How can I be a counselor like you?
  3. Does being certified mean anything?
  4. Can a procrastinator or undisciplined person do your program?
  5. 12 characteristics of a good counselor
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