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Ep. 8 How Do You Counsel a Self-righteous Person?

Shows Main Idea – Self-righteousness is a “greater than, better than” attitude where you look down on other people. The saddest news for them is that there is no grace for the person with self-generated righteousness.

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God came for the sick, lowly, and unrighteous, not the healthy, high-minded, righteous person. But there is good news for this person if they want help.

This podcast answers the question: How do you counsel a self-righteous person? I’m thinking of a person who is not concerned with the Kingdom of God but more with the kingdom of self, especially a Christian who doesn’t have a Gospel-centered motive.

They have a lot of pride, and they are not easy to teach. They want life to be a certain way, and they are not considering God’s will. How do you help or rescue a person who is self-centered?

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