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Ep. 195 Five Reasons a Husband Won’t Lead His Wife

Shows Main Idea – The hierarchy in the home does not mean the “person at the top” is superior in every way. Structure within the marriage and family is a coherent means of providing order and logic within the structure. Listen to the podcast Our… Continue Reading …

Ep. 146 A Different Kind of “Happy Ever After” Marriage

Shows Main Idea – The majority of passages in the Bible that talk about marriage say explicitly (or imply) that there is personal responsibility. Meaning, you must work hard. But your effort does not mean you’ll get a Disneyesque “happy ever after” relationship with your… Continue Reading …

Ep. 108 The Critical Call On Men to Submit

Shows Main Idea – A wife’s call to submission mirrors the husband’s call to submission, as he submits to God, which is evidenced by doing for his wife what his heavenly Father does for him. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,