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Ep. 390 Webinar: Making Sense of Our Sexually Confused Culture

Ep. 390 Webinar Making Sense of Our Sexually Confused Culture

Show Main Idea: Today’s sexually confused society is not difficult to understand if you interpret the problem through the correct filter. It used to be that everyone identified as a male or female, based on objective anatomical evidence at a child’s birth. In the past… Continue Reading …

Ep. 387 Webinar: Human Motivations and Shaping Influences

Ep. 387 Webinar Human Motivations and Shaping Influences

Show Main Idea: Everyone is different because of our unique and diverse shaping influences. Understanding what motivates an individual is essential to do competent soul care. This webinar is an in-depth exploration of our human motivations and shaping influences with practical applications that will help… Continue Reading …

Ep. 385 Webinar: Essential Things before Helping Someone Change

Ep. 385 Webinar Essential Things Before Helping Someone Change

Show Main Idea: Some people are hard to be attracted to, and when I find myself thinking like this, I know that I have lost my divine perspective and that my discipling of them is on the verge of being ineffective. Thus, I must recalibrate… Continue Reading …

Ep. 384 Webinar: The Critical Spouse – The Insecure Spouse

Ep. 384 Webinar The Critical Spouse – The Insecure Spouse

Show Main Idea: When one spouse is consistently critical and the other is insecure, the relationship polarizes and will not correct itself without radical changes. The problem is the insecure spouse wants the good, proper, and biblical desires of love, respect, and acceptance, but the… Continue Reading …

Ep. 375 Webinar: How to Overcome the Fear of Others

Ep. 375 Webinar How to Overcome the Fear of Others

Show Main Idea: Being controlled by the opinion of other people is a problem every person struggles with to varying degrees. Biblically it is called fear of man. In this webinar, Rick does a deep dive into the issue and solutions. It’s riveting, biblical, revealing,… Continue Reading …

Ep. 374 Webinar: How to Make a Decision about Anything

Ep. 374 Webinar How to Make a Decision About Anything

Show Main Idea: When deciding anything, you must be “in faith” regarding that decision before you move forward, which is why the most critical question you will ever ask yourself when making a decision is, “Am I ‘in faith’ to (insert the thing you’re thinking… Continue Reading …

Ep. 350 Webinar: You Have No Choice But to Resolve Conflict

Ep. 350 Webinar You Have No Choice But to Resolve Conflict01

Show Main Idea: Is there someone in your life with whom you have conflict? Stated differently, who bothers you? Has someone done something that has brought friction into your relationship with them? What if you flipped the question around: have you done something to someone… Continue Reading …

Ep. 338 Webinar: How to Identify Ruling Motives of the Heart

Ep. 338 Webinar How to Identify Ruling Motives of the Heart

Shows Main Idea – All of our sin patterns are rooted in our practical theology, at the level of our hearts, rather than in the behavioral patterns of our perceived problems. In this webinar, Rick takes you on a deep dive inside our idol factories,… Continue Reading …

Ep. 331 Webinar: The Dangerous Tension of a Victim Mentality

Ep. 331 Webinar The Dangerous Tension of a Victim's Mentality

Shows Main Idea – Being a victim of anything is one of the most challenging circumstances for a hurting soul to negotiate. The journey out of the effects of victimization is long. Some contours will challenge the victim to the broadest expanse of their soul.… Continue Reading …

Ep. 327 Webinar: Physical Intimacy – Obstacles, Origins, & Opportunities

Ep. 327 Webinar Physical Intimacy—Origins, Obstacles, Opportunities

Shows Main Idea – Sexual intimacy is one of the quickest indicators that reveal how a couple is doing in their marriage because it is the most physical and intimate thing they will do together. It is different from talking, dating, dinner, or a movie. Sex… Continue Reading …