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Ep. 224 My Church Is Not Transparent and It’s Frustrating

Ep. 224 My Church Is Not Transparent and It's Frustrating

Shows Main Idea – One of the more common and often accurate complaints about a local church is the lack of openness among the people. This problem is not isolated to merely one church, but a typical struggle for many. The critical question in this podcast… Continue Reading …

Ep. 191 Three Vital Keys for Leading a Small Group

Shows Main Idea – Small groups have been popular for several decades in our local churches, and there are different kinds of them, which is excellent. In this podcast, I am going to address how to build a dynamic discipleship group that focuses on sanctification.… Continue Reading …

Ep. 160 The Risky Business of Practicing Humility

Shows Main Idea – Every person is moving from transformative relationships or leaning into them. We’re not static beings. The two categories are pride or humility. Assess yourself to see which way you’re heading. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,