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Ep. 406 Should Christians Place an Emphasis on Demonic Activity?

Ep. 406 Should Christians Place an Emphasis on Demonic Activity

Shows Main Idea – One of our long-time supporters posed a question about demonic activity on our forums. He suggested that biblical counselors and Christians generally do not devote adequate time and concern to demonic activity. His concerns are valid, and our supporters may read… Continue Reading …

Ep. 394 Webinar: The Gospel “Y” Chart

Ep. 394 Webinar The Gospel Y Chart

Shows Main Idea – The “Y Chart” is an old, albeit helpful biblical counseling tool that some disciple-makers use to help folks see the differences between good and destructive behaviors. A few of these soul-care providers have tended to focus more on the behaviors than… Continue Reading …

Ep. 364 How Can You Know Your Decisions Won’t Disappoint You?

Ep. 364 How Can You Know Your Decisions Won't Disappoint You

Shows Main Idea – Making a decision that you hope won’t end with disappointment is a tedious task. How can you ensure there is no future disappointment after you take the plunge? You do due diligence, you follow sound advice, but it leads you into… Continue Reading …

Ep. 341 Webinar: Examining and Identifying the Target of Change

The source of our struggles finds its root in our hearts. Rick leads you through these issues in this outstanding webinar, Target of Change

Shows Main Idea – When someone shares with you a personal struggle, you want to help them think through the internal tensions that have created the external outcomes. The source of our personal struggles finds its root in our hearts. The first course of action… Continue Reading …

Ep. 328 Why Some People Prefer Bondage over Freedom

Ep. 328 Why Some People Prefer Bondage Over Freedom

Shows Main Idea – Some people have been under so much bondage for so long that they learn to adapt to their harsh surroundings. It’s hard for them to think about a life of freedom. Even when freedom stares them in the face, they are… Continue Reading …

Ep. 281 EMDR: Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy

Ep. 281 EMDR_ Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy

Shows Main Idea – EMDR is Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy. Though it has been around for decades, it has gained a lot of momentum within Christian circles the past few years. It’s a common question that comes to our ministry. In this episode, Rick explains what… Continue Reading …

Ep. 200 Why Loneliness Is More Painful Than Being Alone

Shows Main Idea – Christ would remove Himself from the crowds to be alone. Sometimes being by yourself is great for your soul. But being alone is different from loneliness. To be lonely is feeling isolated and incarcerated, even in the middle of one-thousand people.… Continue Reading …

Ep. 199 The Battle of the Mind Post Adultery and Divorce

Shows Main Idea – Few battles are more complex than the double-whammy of finding out your spouse committed adultery and is filing for divorce. Each event sends the soul to dire places, but when both of them happen in succession, your compass is spinning, and… Continue Reading …