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Ep. 244 When a Church Is More Theological Than Pastoral

Ep. 244 When a Church Is More Theological Than Pastoral

Show’s Main Idea – My Mastermind student asked me about a 2,000 member church that does not broadcast their church meetings during the COVID-19 season. She asked for my perspective. What do you think? Should a church not preach sermons to its members if they… Continue Reading …

Ep. 128 A Theology Of Suffering From Second Corinthians

Shows Main Idea – In February 2018, I led a marriage retreat in Alaska. As part of those meetings, I also spoke at Soldotna Bible Chapel. This message is about God’s purposes in suffering, as Paul talked about in Second Corinthians. Listen to the podcast… Continue Reading …

Ep. 122 What Is Christian Maturity?

Shows Main Idea – What is Christian maturity, and how do you know if you’re mature? How do you help your friends grow up into Christlike maturity? In this podcast, I’m going to tackle these questions. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,

Ep. 79 Knowing Theology Is Not Enough If You Want To Change

Main Idea – In our Mastermind Training Program, our students are challenged to connect sound theology to the real lives they live. I do not want our students to learn more sound theology without learning how to live it in transformative ways. Plus, they must… Continue Reading …