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Ep. 244 When a Church Is More Theological Than Pastoral

Ep. 244 When a Church Is More Theological Than Pastoral

Show’s Main Idea – My Mastermind student asked me about a 2,000 member church that does not broadcast their church meetings during the COVID-19 season. She asked for my perspective. What do you think? Should a church not preach sermons to its members if they… Continue Reading …

Ep. 98 How to Build an Online Ministry In an Ever-Changing Culture

Shows Main Idea – It is to the Christian’s advantage to learn about the redemptive use of technology because the majority of humanity lives in cyberspace. There is an “echo of omnipresence” in technology. The missional Christian understands this and is penetrating the cyber-culture for… Continue Reading …

Ep. 27 Three Free and Innovative Ideas for Online Ministry

Shows Main Idea –One of the amazing things about our age is the potential for Gospel expansion through online ministry growth. In this podcast, I want to share with you three free and innovative ideas that you can use in your ministry as you seek… Continue Reading …

Ep. 26 A New, Quick, Easy, Simple, but Powerful Podcast

Shows Main Idea – We have a new podcast, and I want to share with you the backstory why I had to rebrand and relaunch this popular and practical podcast. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,