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Ep. 156 Submission to Husbands in Everything Doesn’t Mean Everything

Submission to Husbands in Everything Doesn't Mean Everything

Shows Main Idea – When Paul said in Ephesians 5:24 that a wife is supposed to submit to her husband in everything, did he mean everything? The Bible is explicitly clear: Paul did not mean everything. That would be blasphemy. Listen to the podcast Show… Continue Reading …

Ep. 108 The Critical Call On Men to Submit

Shows Main Idea – A wife’s call to submission mirrors the husband’s call to submission, as he submits to God, which is evidenced by doing for his wife what his heavenly Father does for him. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,

Ep. 59 Four Reasons People Don’t Trust God – How You Can Help

Shows Main Idea – If you know someone who will not submit to the Lord, there are reasons why. You must know these reasons so you can help them. Being impatient or frustrated with them are not the responses they need from you. This podcast… Continue Reading …