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Ep. 191 Three Vital Keys for Leading a Small Group

Shows Main Idea – Small groups have been popular for several decades in our local churches, and there are different kinds of them, which is excellent. In this podcast, I am going to address how to build a dynamic discipleship group that focuses on sanctification.… Continue Reading …

Ep. 169 My Top Five Small Group Pranks

Shows Main Idea – Christians should be the loudest people in the restaurant because they are the freest people in the world. Though we are serious about our call to take up our cross, we also are full of unspeakable joy as we enjoy God… Continue Reading …

Ep. 126 Good and Not As Good Discipleship Practices

Shows Main Idea – There is a historical way of doing discipleship taught in the New Testament and a new modern way that adapts better to how we want to live. Though the new way is popular and fits our fast-paced life, it’s a bad… Continue Reading …

Ep. 124 A Proactive Model For Equipping Your Church

Shows Main Idea – Having a strategic and well thought out plan for equipping the saints for the work of the ministry is vital for any church that wants to spread the fame of God more effectively. In this podcast, I illustrate a plan for… Continue Reading …

Ep. 115 What Is “Body-to-Body Ministry” In the Local Church?

Shows Main Idea – God has called every Christian to disciple other Christians. This opportunity is not for an elite set of Christian, but the privilege of every person that the Lord has regenerated. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,

Ep. 93 Eight Essentials For an Exceptional Small Group Experience

Shows Main Idea – Small group life can be an amazing experience, or it could be the most frustrating part of your week. These eight ideas, when discussed thoroughly and implemented practically, can change any small group experience. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are… Continue Reading …

Ep. 21 My Church Doesn’t Do Community Well – I’m Struggling

Shows Main Idea – A church that is doing community well is one where the pastor(s) asks the congregation to imitate him and wife, which begins with what the pastor and his wife are behind closed doors–the truest reality check for who they really are.… Continue Reading …

Ep. 18 How to Have a Dynamic Small Group Experience

Shows Main Idea – This podcast answers how to have a dynamic small group experience, while answering the question about mixed groups or groups where all are the same age. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,