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Ep. 320 Webinar: How to Enjoy the Best Possible Communication

Ep. 320 How to Enjoy the Best Possible Communication with Someone

Shows Main Idea – The most authentic and best possible communication that you can have with someone is when you’re sharing your most precious treasure with them, and they are reciprocating. Only Christians can have this depth of communication because you must be alive—not dead—in… Continue Reading …

Ep. 198 The Positive Side of Sharing Your Story with Others

Shows Main Idea – Mailbag: In your podcast, you talked about not mapping your experience over someone to where you’re no longer helping them because you made it all about you. How do you walk that fine line between mapping your experience over others, and… Continue Reading …

Ep. 13 Counseling a Person Who Believes Her Story is Too Awful to Share

Shows Main Idea – Sometimes a person does not want counseling because they are afraid to share their story. To counsel well means you must know and do some specific things. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,