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Ep. 414 Must a Wife Have Sex with Her Husband So He Won’t Stray?

Ep. 414 Must Wife Have Sex With Her Husband So He Won't Stray

Shows Main Idea – There is one-sided and perverse teaching that some Christians have pushed forward that wives should make themselves available for their husbands to keep them in the home, not looking for sex elsewhere. This perspective presumes the wife becomes the solution to… Continue Reading …

Ep. 390 Webinar: Making Sense of Our Sexually Confused Culture

Ep. 390 Webinar Making Sense of Our Sexually Confused Culture

Show Main Idea: Today’s sexually confused society is not difficult to understand if you interpret the problem through the correct filter. It used to be that everyone identified as a male or female, based on objective anatomical evidence at a child’s birth. In the past… Continue Reading …

Ep. 343 Transgenderism Worldview: I Think; Therefore, I Am

Ep. 343 Transgenderism Worldview I Think; Therefore, I Am

Shows Main Idea – Transgenderism is part of a cultural and political avalanche in our country—this contagion coincides with social justice, identity politics, woke-ness, intersectionality, racism, and more. In this talk, I will break down the salient elements of the trans issue while offering practical… Continue Reading …

Ep. 333 Webinar: Porn, the Perplexities and the Possibilities

Ep. 333 Webinar Porn, the Perplexities and the Possibilities

Shows Main Idea – Porn addiction is a ubiquitous problem in our culture, and the Christian community is not impervious to its seductive temptations. With the rise of social media, where the average child receives a phone at the age of eight, the possibility of… Continue Reading …

Ep. 327 Webinar: Physical Intimacy – Obstacles, Origins, & Opportunities

Ep. 327 Webinar Physical Intimacy—Origins, Obstacles, Opportunities

Shows Main Idea – Sexual intimacy is one of the quickest indicators that reveal how a couple is doing in their marriage because it is the most physical and intimate thing they will do together. It is different from talking, dating, dinner, or a movie. Sex… Continue Reading …

Ep. 216 Should a Wife Be Intimate If She Doesn’t Want To Be?

Should A Wife Be Intimate If She Doesn't Want to Be

Shows Main Idea – The easy answer could be yes or no. Of course, we live in a fallen world, so we want to slow down before responding. It’s impossible and unwise to map a universal and absolute response over fallen people and expect conformity, unity,… Continue Reading …

Ep. 135 Ten Clarifying Thoughts On Boys and Girls Dating

Ep. 135 Ten Thoughts On Boys and Girls Dating|Ep. 135 Ten Thoughts On Boys and Girls Dating

Shows Main Idea – It’s not wise for boys and girls to “like” each other while creating contexts and situations where they can be isolated from other people. Being friends is one thing, but “liking” each other in the sense of being attracted to each… Continue Reading …

Ep. 15 My Spouse Has Left Me for Someone Else

Shows Main Idea – Though I am dealing with a husband who left a wife for another woman, you can change the genders in this podcast, and the content will apply to the husband who has lost his wife. Our podcasts are on iTunes,