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Ep. 390 Webinar: Making Sense of Our Sexually Confused Culture

Ep. 390 Webinar Making Sense of Our Sexually Confused Culture

Show Main Idea: Today’s sexually confused society is not difficult to understand if you interpret the problem through the correct filter. It used to be that everyone identified as a male or female, based on objective anatomical evidence at a child’s birth. In the past… Continue Reading …

Ep. 343 Transgenderism Worldview: I Think; Therefore, I Am

Ep. 343 Transgenderism Worldview I Think; Therefore, I Am

Shows Main Idea – Transgenderism is part of a cultural and political avalanche in our country—this contagion coincides with social justice, identity politics, woke-ness, intersectionality, racism, and more. In this talk, I will break down the salient elements of the trans issue while offering practical… Continue Reading …

Ep. 333 Webinar: Porn, the Perplexities and the Possibilities

Ep. 333 Webinar Porn, the Perplexities and the Possibilities

Shows Main Idea – Porn addiction is a ubiquitous problem in our culture, and the Christian community is not impervious to its seductive temptations. With the rise of social media, where the average child receives a phone at the age of eight, the possibility of… Continue Reading …

Ep. 327 Webinar: Physical Intimacy – Obstacles, Origins, & Opportunities

Ep. 327 Webinar Physical Intimacy—Origins, Obstacles, Opportunities

Shows Main Idea – Sexual intimacy is one of the quickest indicators that reveal how a couple is doing in their marriage because it is the most physical and intimate thing they will do together. It is different from talking, dating, dinner, or a movie. Sex… Continue Reading …

Ep. 216 Should a Wife Be Intimate If She Doesn’t Want To Be?

Should A Wife Be Intimate If She Doesn't Want to Be

Shows Main Idea – The easy answer could be yes or no. Of course, we live in a fallen world, so we want to slow down before responding. It’s impossible and unwise to map a universal and absolute response over fallen people and expect conformity, unity,… Continue Reading …

Ep. 15 My Spouse Has Left Me for Someone Else

Shows Main Idea – Though I am dealing with a husband who left a wife for another woman, you can change the genders in this podcast, and the content will apply to the husband who has lost his wife. Our podcasts are on iTunes,