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Ep. 225 Why Some Certified Biblical Counselors Harm People

Ep. 225 Why Some Certified Biblical Counselors Harm People

Shows Main Idea – Becoming a certified biblical counselor merely means that an individual has gone through the training requirements of a biblical counseling organization. It does not mean that the person who completed the training is qualified to counsel people, particularly those with complex… Continue Reading …

Ep. 193 Our 12-Step Program Could Change Your Life Forever

Shows Main Idea – Our all-online Mastermind Program is not what you think it is. Perhaps you believe it’s to teach you how to counsel biblically. Maybe you think it’s to help you to be a better person. Both of those things are true, but… Continue Reading …

Ep. 32 Mark Grant’s Experience through Our Training Program

Shows Main Idea – I sat down with Mark Grant to talk about his experience as he went through our two-year training program. He talked about the program, what God did to him, and what life has been like afterward. Listen to the podcast Show… Continue Reading …

Ep. 29 What Makes Our Equipping Different and Effective?

Shows Main Idea – This past week I met with two pastors from a large and growing church. They wanted to talk about equipping their people for an immediate and long-term change. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,