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Ep. 320 Webinar: How to Enjoy the Best Possible Communication

Ep. 320 How to Enjoy the Best Possible Communication with Someone

Shows Main Idea – The most authentic and best possible communication that you can have with someone is when you’re sharing your most precious treasure with them, and they are reciprocating. Only Christians can have this depth of communication because you must be alive—not dead—in… Continue Reading …

Ep. 293 Three Things a Couple Should Know for a Lasting Marriage

Ep. 293 Three Things Every Couple Need to Know to Have a Lasting Marriage

Shows Main Idea – Rick met with a young couple for pre-marriage counseling recently, and the man asked him for the top things they needed to know to have a great marriage. He shared three things with this couple. After the counseling session, he turned… Continue Reading …

Ep. 200 Why Loneliness Is More Painful Than Being Alone

Shows Main Idea – Christ would remove Himself from the crowds to be alone. Sometimes being by yourself is great for your soul. But being alone is different from loneliness. To be lonely is feeling isolated and incarcerated, even in the middle of one-thousand people.… Continue Reading …

Ep. 129 Why Close Relationships Become Hard Relationships

Shows Main Idea – All relationships run the risk of disappointing you. The closer you get to a person, the more you will know about them, which is a set up for disappointment. The Bible has a solution to this problem. Listen to the podcast… Continue Reading …

Ep. 114 How to Fix Your Communication Problems

Shows Main Idea – Lucia and I spent the first five years of our marriage never owning or confessing personal sin. And there was no asking for and granting forgiveness. Needless to say, we had communication problems. In this podcast, I’m going to walk you… Continue Reading …

Ep. 21 My Church Doesn’t Do Community Well – I’m Struggling

Shows Main Idea – A church that is doing community well is one where the pastor(s) asks the congregation to imitate him and wife, which begins with what the pastor and his wife are behind closed doors–the truest reality check for who they really are.… Continue Reading …