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Ep. 339 What Is the Difference between Christian and Biblical Counseling?

Ep. 339 What Is the Difference Between Christian and Biblical Counseling

Shows Main Idea – Rick answers two questions in this episode. First, what is the difference between Christian counseling and biblical counseling? And do you have any updates on the International Association of Biblical Counselors (IABC) debacle from 2018? Understanding counseling and counseling movements are… Continue Reading …

Ep. 266 When Biblical Counselors Don’t Act like Biblical Counselors

Ep. 266 When Biblical Counselors Don't Act Like Biblical Counselors

Shows Main Idea – I recently posted a few concerns about the Duluth Model Power and Control Wheel in response to a biblical counselor who asked. This biblical counselor was okay with the critique and shared similar concerns. I then posted my concerns on the… Continue Reading …