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Ep. 241 What If I’m Not Smart Enough to Do Biblical Counseling?

Ep. 241 What If I'm Not Smart Enough to Do Biblical Counseling?

Show’s Main Idea – One of our students read one of our books in our Mastermind Program, and begin to wonder if he had the necessary IQ to do biblical counseling. The book is heady and requires a high level of reflective thinking to grasp… Continue Reading …

Ep. 179 The Mysterious Interplay of Fear, Anger, and Self-Reliance

Shows Main Idea – To be afraid is to be normal. Nobody comes into the world—except for Jesus—unfearful. Fear is a core “Adamic problem” that we all get at birth, and it can tempt anyone to anger, which is why it’s vital to understand the… Continue Reading …

Ep. 12 How to Help a Teen with a Porn Problem

Shows Main Idea – How do you help a teen with a porn problem? This podcast walks through the problem with porn and how to help a person who is struggling with the addiction. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,