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Ep. 324 Preparing Our Legacy to Minister to the Next Generation

Ep. 324 Preparing Our Ministry Legacy for the Next Generation

Shows Main Idea – My unspoken mission is to take the practical gospel of Christ to every human on the planet, which implies that I must extend the life of this ministry beyond my lifetime. In late 2020, we formed a team to start planning… Continue Reading …

Ep. 307 Stop Using My Resources to Make a Person Conform

Stop Using My Resources As a Cudgel to Make a Person Conform

Shows Main Idea – I received this email from a hurting wife who said, “My husband is abusive. He followed you and sent so many articles from you to me, showing how I needed to change. I know you don’t like the word abuse, so… Continue Reading …

Ep. 109 Five Graphics to Help the Addict Change

Shows Main Idea – Some of the toughest people to try to help are those who refuse to help themselves. There is a way to think about them and possibly come alongside them while trusting the Lord to bring the needed change. Here are five… Continue Reading …