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Ep. 164 If You’re Serious about Change, Do These Things

Shows Main Idea – Nearly, without exception, people who come to counseling do not have dependable, competent companions surrounding them, who speak into their lives. There can be many reasons for this, of course. Here are a few dependable companions that I try to implement in… Continue Reading …

Ep. 160 The Risky Business of Practicing Humility

Shows Main Idea – Every person is moving from transformative relationships or leaning into them. We’re not static beings. The two categories are pride or humility. Assess yourself to see which way you’re heading. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,

Ep. 147 Who You Are Affects Your Relationships

Shows Main Idea –The person that you are on the inside always comes out and affects your relationships. If you have a Godward orientation, you will have a positive effect on others. If you have a selfish orientation, you will hurt your relationships. Listen to… Continue Reading …

Ep. 66 Ten Responses to the Friend Who Won’t Admit Wrong

Shows Main Idea – Do you have a friend who does not mind telling you what’s wrong with you but he never admits any of his personal mistakes? It is challenging to work through and sustain these kinds of “inequitable” relationships. In this podcast, I… Continue Reading …

Ep. 62 Seven Things To Know About Annoying Friends

Shows Main Idea – Friends come in all stripes. Some of them are a joy to be with while others are annoying. In this podcast, I address seven critical things to consider when engaging annoying friends. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,

Ep. 25 How To Talk Behind Someone’s Back?

Shows Main Idea –  How to talk behind someone’s back is a relevant topic that has many biblical layers. There is a way to share things about others while guarding your heart and the character of the person you’re talking about outside of their presence.… Continue Reading …

Ep. 18 How to Have a Dynamic Small Group Experience

Shows Main Idea – This podcast answers how to have a dynamic small group experience, while answering the question about mixed groups or groups where all are the same age. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,