Fall 2022: RickThomas.Net Becomes LifeOverCoffee.Com

Ep. 159 Distinguishing Good and Excellent Counselors

Shows Main Idea – Everybody can counsel according to their God-given capacity, which implies that there are differences between good counselors and excellent ones. In this podcast, I’m going to talk about those differences. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,

Ep. 144 Q&A: Salvation, No Passion, and Biblical Certification

Shows Main Idea – Question and Answer with Rick Thomas: (1) Is it possible to be a Christian but have little passion for the Lord? (2) I want to grow in discipleship but do I need a biblical certification? Listen to the podcast Our podcasts… Continue Reading …

Ep. 127 Good, Better, and Best Contexts For Change

Shows Main Idea – God can change you regardless of the context or the means. He saved me while I was alone, reading a book with weak theology. But there are better contexts for change to happen in your life. This podcast walks through good,… Continue Reading …

Ep. 126 Good and Not As Good Discipleship Practices

Shows Main Idea – There is a historical way of doing discipleship taught in the New Testament and a new modern way that adapts better to how we want to live. Though the new way is popular and fits our fast-paced life, it’s a bad… Continue Reading …

Ep. 118 A Few Ways We Can Help Your Church or Ministry

Shows Main Idea – A common question to our ministry is about how our ministry can serve individuals, churches, and other ministries. In this podcast, I elaborate on a few of the ways we help the body of Christ. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts… Continue Reading …

Ep. 115 What Is “Body-to-Body Ministry” In the Local Church?

Shows Main Idea – God has called every Christian to disciple other Christians. This opportunity is not for an elite set of Christian, but the privilege of every person that the Lord has regenerated. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,

Ep. 107 What Is the Balanced Christian Life?

Shows Main Idea – When assessing an individual, you are looking to unpack three broad categories to get to know their story better. I have created a visual aid to help you understand this concept, with the hope that it will serve you and the… Continue Reading …

Ep. 100 Become a Certified Biblical Counselor Through Our Ministry

Shows Main Idea – Through our Mastermind Training Progam, you have the opportunity to become a Certified Biblical Counselor. In this podcast, I share this opportunity with you. NOTE: Due to the sinful fracturing and fallout of the IABC in 2019, I decided that we… Continue Reading …

Ep. 96 Oliver Underwood – The Mission House Interview

Shows Main Idea – Oliver Underwood is the Director of The Mission House in Port Orchard, WA. The Mission House is a biblically-based residential program for men struggling with any kind of addiction. I interviewed Oliver at the annual IABC National Biblical Counseling Conference in… Continue Reading …

Ep. 94 Unpacking Christian Accountability From the Beginning

Shows Main Idea – What comes to your mind when you hear the word accountability? For too many Christians, the word conjures up harshness or disinterest. This podcast re-examines this idea of soul care and places it within a Christian construct. Listen to the podcast… Continue Reading …