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Ep. 313 10 Helpful Ideas When Speaking against the Cancel Culture

Ep. 313 Helpful Ideas When Speaking Against the Cancel Culture

Shows Main Idea – At the request of one of our supporters, I have been producing a few podcasts on the cancel culture. She’s not the only one. Every caring Christian has concerns for what is happening in our society, specifically, the cancel culture. In… Continue Reading …

Ep. 272 How To Navigate God’s Decreed Will, Moral Will, and Messy Will

Ep. 272 How to Navigate God's Decreed Will, Moral Will, and Messy Will

Shows Main Idea – All of us have transgressed God’s moral law. For different reasons, some of these folks live in the victimhood of the sinful choices they made. They are unable to understand how God can use their sin sinlessly. In essence, they see… Continue Reading …