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Ep. 267 Daniel Berger and Rick Thomas Analyze the ADHD Construct

Ep. 267 Daniel Berger, Rick Thomas Bring Analysis to the ADHD Construct

Shows Main Idea – Daniel Berger and Rick Thomas collaborated to build a mind map that depicts the ADHD construct. The mindmap presents the two competing worldviews that speak into real behavior. This conversation and the visual map is vital for any parent, counselor, or… Continue Reading …

Ep. 132 Dianne Keech S.A.F.E. Child Protection Consulting

Shows Main Idea – Dianne Keech is the owner and lead consultant of S.A.F.E., Child Protective Consulting. Rick Thomas interviews her about child protection and the church’s role in taking care of the children. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,

Ep. 17 Five Responses to, “Why Did God Let My Baby Die?”

How do you answer a friend who is not a Christian but searching when she asks the question: Why did God let my baby die? This was one of the many questions asked during the biblical counseling conference I recently led in Soldotna, Alaska. As… Continue Reading …