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Ep. 342 Interview with Rick Thomas and Julie Ganschow on Abuse

Ep. 342 Interview with Rick Thomas and Julie Ganschow on Abuse

Shows Main Idea – Abuse is a complex problem that requires extensive training and skilled counselors to help bring these situations to God-glorifying conclusions. In this interview, Rick Thomas talks with Julie Ganschow about her new book, “A Biblical Counselor’s Approach to Marital Abuse—Roadmap to… Continue Reading …

Ep. 199 The Battle of the Mind Post Adultery and Divorce

Shows Main Idea – Few battles are more complex than the double-whammy of finding out your spouse committed adultery and is filing for divorce. Each event sends the soul to dire places, but when both of them happen in succession, your compass is spinning, and… Continue Reading …

Ep. 87 The Unintended Consequence of an Emotional Affair

Shows Main Idea – What is an “emotional affair?” That kind of language creeps into our biblio-centric system of thought from the culture–a worldview that denies Christ, so they create labels and ideas that are anti-biblical. There are scores of examples of this: evolution, self-esteem,… Continue Reading …

Ep. 15 My Spouse Has Left Me for Someone Else

Shows Main Idea – Though I am dealing with a husband who left a wife for another woman, you can change the genders in this podcast, and the content will apply to the husband who has lost his wife. Our podcasts are on iTunes,