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Ep. 234 The Unintended But Strangely Helpful Benefit of Coronavirus

Ep. 234 The Unintended But Strangely Helpful Benefit of Coronavirus

Shows Main Idea – In America, we have the luxury of creating disorders. It’s what happens after you become spoiled. You lose focus and drift toward the worse parts of human fallenness. Some folks talk about this perspective when they say idle hands are the… Continue Reading …

Ep. 160 The Risky Business of Practicing Humility

Shows Main Idea – Every person is moving from transformative relationships or leaning into them. We’re not static beings. The two categories are pride or humility. Assess yourself to see which way you’re heading. Listen to the podcast Our podcasts are on iTunes,

Ep. 140 The Downside of Accountability Partners

Shows Main Idea – The accountability partner idea can be a useful context for two individuals to meet up to care for each other. But many times these relationships run out of steam for various reasons. The Bible has a better way to think about soul… Continue Reading …

Ep. 94 Unpacking Christian Accountability From the Beginning

Shows Main Idea – What comes to your mind when you hear the word accountability? For too many Christians, the word conjures up harshness or disinterest. This podcast re-examines this idea of soul care and places it within a Christian construct. Listen to the podcast… Continue Reading …