Mere Christianity

Mere Christianity is one of those books you hear about frequently, but really have to read to appreciate. While I certainly don’t agree with all of Lewis’ theology on several key points, for the most part I found this a practical and enjoyable read.

The chapter on pride especially was very well-written. Lewis makes an excellent point when he says that Satan doesn’t mind helping us cure a small fault if in so doing we create a huge one.

One thing that did irk me was his insistence — twice — that Scripture teaches that wives are to obey their husbands. This is patently untrue; Scripture only uses the term “obey” in reference to children obeying their parents.

In the Bible wives are never told to obey their husbands, and submission does not equal obedience. I wrote this in the margins where Lewis makes that claim, and felt instantly better (LOL). I’ll have to take that up with him in heaven. ( )

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