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Meet Our Team

Rick Thomas

Rick Thomas


Rick launched this training network in 2008 to provide life-changing resources that equip Christians to help others. His primary responsibilities are resource creation and leadership development, which he does through speaking, writing, podcasting, and educating.

In 1990 he earned a BA in Theology, and in 1991 he received a BS in Education. In 1993 he was ordained into Christian ministry, and in 2000 he graduated with an MA in Counseling from The Master’s University in Santa Clarita, CA. In 2006 he was recognized as a Fellow of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC).

Lucia Thomas


Lucia graduated from Bob Jones University in 1991 with an Office Administration degree. She worked for Fluor Corporation as an Executive Administrator for ten years before coming home in 2001 after the birth of their first child.

She married Rick in 1997, and they have three children. Lucia finds joy in serving our ministry with her broad administrative skill set.

Sheron Wallace

Sheron Wallace


Sheron graduated from Clemson University in 1983 with a double major in Mathematical and Computer Sciences. She began her career in database administration, stopped for a while to raise children, then got back into the workforce in jobs including computer help-desk, accounts payable, human resources, and, most recently, office manager for her church counseling office.

Sheron says the Lord had to save her early (as a child) because there was so much work He needed to do. She met her husband Jack at Clemson, and they married a few months after graduation. They have five adult children spread from Philadelphia, PA to Greenville and Lancaster, SC. Sheron’s dad lives with them not too far from Jack’s parents, so they can help out as needed.

Jonathon Harris

Jonathon Harris


Jonathon created demo38 with a simple goal in mind: to partner with his clients to produce high-value web design, custom theme development & visualization services. That goal has paid off, and the last 19 years has been a joyful and fulfilling journey. Jonathon’s design career began after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from The Ohio State University. He was hired as a Visualization Designer for Karlsberger, a Columbus, OH-based healthcare architecture firm. His area of focus was 3d renderings and animations.

Shortly after, he founded demo38 and began freelancing web design and development projects in addition to 3d visualization. Demo38’s growth has been organic and driven solely by customer referrals. In 2011, he committed to running demo38 full time and aligned his focus to custom WordPress design and theme development. He builds sites that are easy to manage and tailored to fit his client’s functional needs while maintaining critical brand messaging.


Brandi Huerta


Brandi is a graduate of our Mastermind program and serves in our theological department as she helps our students with the practicalization of sound theology in their lives. She loves to speak and write about practical theology.

She is the wife of Matthew and mother of three grown children: Chelsee, Rachel, and Josiah. She lives on the plains of Colorado, where she is active in the women’s, children’s, and counseling ministries at Grace Bible Church.

Mark Grant


Mark is a graduate of our Mastermind program and continues to train and write for the ministry. He is a degreed Engineer, obtaining his Master’s degree from the Ohio State University, and works for the Navy as a civilian engineer.

With his marriage healed from finding Christ, his passion increased to help others apply the gospel to everyday life. He continues to be amazed at God’s sufficient counsel through the Word and the work of the Spirit.

He is married to Lesa, and the thankful father of his daughter Aislinn. He cheers for his Buckeyes, takes on various home projects, and has recently bought a glass kiln to try his hand at making fused glass landscapes.

Chad Vorderbruggen


Chad is a graduate of our Mastermind program and continues to train students in Christ-honoring, church-building discipleship. He is active in his local church and serves a group of men in a weekly Bible Study. He is finishing up a 25-year career as an Air Force pilot and is beginning his transition to post-military life.

He is married to Katie, and together they have the privilege of raising their three daughters. He lives on a small Minnesota lake and enjoys spending time with his family and experimenting with what will grow on their land.

Sarah Hayhurst


Sarah graduated from Northland International University with an associate degree in Secretarial Science in 1991, and she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts in 2014, graduating cum laude. Sarah is a gold-level member of the Christian Editor Network, editing nonfiction manuscripts for their referrals, and she began her own editorial company in 2014.

Sarah has enjoyed a variety of positions in various settings, such as a publishing company, university, law firm, school, software company, and engineering firm. Though Sarah grew up on a farm in Wisconsin as the youngest of six children, she currently resides near Atlanta, Georgia. Sarah enjoys ministering at church, playing piano, doing crafts, and training for/running in races.

Dr. Daniel R. Berger II


Daniel is the founder and director of Alethia International Ministries (AIM), where he continues to write and to speak around the country in various churches, organizations, medical communities, and at various counseling and teacher’s conferences.

He is also an experienced pastor, counselor, school administrator, and the author of ten books on Biblical counseling, practical theology, education, and the history and philosophy of the current mental health construct.

Daniel earned his B.S. in counseling, an M.S. in counseling/ psychology, an M.A. in pastoral studies, and a doctorate in pastoral theology. Daniel is also an adjunct professor at several Universities and seminaries—including serving as the director of a post-grad degree at SEBI (Brasilia, Brazil) in Biblical Counseling, which is specifically focused on understanding the various aspects of the construct of mental illness from a biblical worldview.

Tristen Thomas

Tristen Thomas


Tristen is currently a junior at Bob Jones University, wrapping up her 4-year BA in Journalism and Mass Communication (with a focus on broadcasting) degree in two and one-half years. She graduated from Greer Middle College Charter High School (GMC), where she was dual-enrolled at Greenville Technical College. She is also the Web Editor for the Bob Jones newspaper, The Collegian.

At GMC, Tristen was the Editor-in-Chief of The Forge and learned American Sign Language for her senior year school project. Her reading, writing, and technical skills are a perfect match for our video production and graphic arts needs. Part of her diverse duties is closed-captioning our videos, where ten-percent of our video viewers read the words on the screen. In her “spare” time, she is a team leader at the Tropical Smoothie Cafe and helps the video production team at her church, where she completed an internship in 2020.

Haydn Thomas

Haydn Thomas


Haydn is one of the busiest and most accomplished young adults you’ll ever meet. He’s wrapping up his junior year at Greer Middle College Charter High School, where he also enjoys being part of the track and field team. Outside of school, he is a Cadet Technical Sergeant in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). In addition to his school and CAP responsibilities, he works at the Tropical Smoothie Cafe and WhattaWash car wash. 

Since a young child, his passion has been technology. He is a professional video and photography maestro for our ministry. He works many hours editing and enhancing our world-class content, bringing it to life on devices globally. You may keep up with his great work on YouTube.

Julie Hansen


In Loving Memory – Julie was our lead administrator for our ministry. She was also a counselor on our forums and skilled in technological development, as she spent her days running the backend of our ministry since 2015. Julie passed away on May 19, 2021, due to declining complications with ALS.

Christ saved Julie unexpectedly while listening to a podcast in the Spring of 2010. She lived on a wheat farm located outside of Wilbur, Washington. She met her husband Ron while attending college and the two were married twenty-one months later in 1985. The Lord blessed them with an incredible daughter Ashley, who also wed her college sweetheart, Calib, and they lived next door on the farm with their daughter Emma Lou.