Mastermind Introduction

On this page, I will walk you through how to use your Learning Management System (LMS). Don’t worry. It’s a lot to take in at first, but before long you will be teaching others how to use it.


Let’s go!

Blocks, Lessons, and Topics

Blocks are the “headings” for each section. There are 48 of them altogether.

Lessons are the individual assignments inside each block. You will have four, five, or six lessons for each block.

Topics are your assignments, the things that you are to do for each lesson.

You may begin with Block #1 after you finish “Your First Assignment” section, which you are doing now. The 48 coursework blocks can be completed in 18 to 36 months, depending on your pace. I do not recommend longer than three years because it’s accumulative learning, and you won’t benefit the way you should if it takes too long to do the blocks.

Nevertheless, the program is self-paced so that you can complete your lessons in each block at your own pace. Do not move to the next block (set of lessons) until you fully complete all the lessons inside the block in which you are working.

Inside the Blocks

Here is an example of what a block for your program looks like, though not all blocks have all of these lessons.

Lesson 01 (BK) Book Reading Assignment
Lesson 02 (ST) Systematic Lesson
Lesson 03: (WB) Webinar Assignment
Lesson 04: (TP) Topic Reading Assignment
Lesson 05: (DBM) Drive-By Marriage
Lesson 06: (CS) Case Study

Upon completion of all the lessons within the block, you would move to the next one.