Elements of the Program

Our program stands on a three-legged stool. The “legs” are theology, sanctification, and application. The theology part is the foundation of Christian living. Sanctification is the conceptual study of “common to humanity” issues and ideas. And the application aspect is bringing these two disciplines down to a practical level where any individual can experience transformation. (The “application aspect” of our program is the most challenging.) Here are the elements laid out for you, though you integrate the three disciplines throughout the course.

STSystematic Theology practically applied.
TheologyReading and responding to theological books.
CounselingReading and responding to sanctification books.
WebinarsTwenty-four webinars on practical topics.
DBMDrive-By-Marriage lessons and workbook.
TopicsForty-eight topical assignments on sanctification.
Case StudiesForty-eight case studies are part of the practicum.
ForumsStudent provides practical care on our forums.
MembershipFree membership while enrolled in the program.
MeetingsMeetings for updates, conversation, and training.
Private AreaMeeting space for Mastermind students.
SupervisionPersonalized care for all students.