Case Study 4: The Nagging Wife

Details – Read the scenario and answer the questions. Use a lot of Scripture, but do not write out the verses, just the references. As always, be brief, but amazing. Use a 12 point font. Each case study should be between two and three pages. Include the case study at the top of the first page. Then type out the first question with your answer. Then write out the next question with your answer, and so forth. After you finish, send the scenario, questions, and your responses to your supervisor.

People picked on Mable all her life. Her parents were never satisfied with her. Mable’s earliest memories of her parents were their displeasure with her. They were more interested in how Mable looked in social contexts than how she was doing personally.

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This fear-based model of parenting drove Mable to find ways she could prove that she was not as unsatisfying as her parents communicated to her. One of Mable’s techniques to “feel better about herself” was to criticize others. Whether she was verbal or quietly judged individuals as inferior, it helped to elevated Mable in her mind.

Biff was aware of Mable’s insecurity, but she was a physically attractive virgin. Mable was a good catch. He didn’t see her life-dominating fearfulness as being a problem. But within the first two years of their marriage, Biff became painfully aware that he could not please Mable.

Biff’s desire for acceptance drove him to find approval through sinful means. He was caught and is seeking help currently. And the counselor is also aware of Mable’s life-long battles with insecurity. But the problem is that he does not know how to approach her. Though Biff is responsible for his actions, Mable must learn how her nagging played a part in Biff’s struggles.

Case Study Questions

  1. How and why would you approach Mable?
  2. What are Mable’s core problem and solution?
  3. How would a right understanding and application of the gospel radically change their marriage?