Case Study 3: Exchanging Prisons from Singleness to Marriage

Details – Read the scenario and answer the questions. Use a lot of Scripture, but do not write out the verses, just the references. As always, be brief, but amazing. Use a 12 point font. Each case study should be between two and three pages. Include the case study at the top of the first page. Then type out the first question with your answer. Then write out the next question with your answer, and so forth. After you finish, send the scenario, questions, and your responses to your supervisor.


Mable was 28, single and desired to be married. She finished college and had an outstanding job but was feeling as though something was missing. The next “mile marker” was marriage, but there were no eligible candidates in her church.

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She told her friends that she was not desperate, but whether it was in her mind or a conversation with others, she always brought up the marriage topic.

The scriptures on loneliness, marriage, contentment, patience, and that God gave her the desires of her heart had twisted themselves like a web around her soul. Her mind was a subjective haze when it came to singleness and marriage.

When I was single, I felt as though I was in prison, but there was hope that I would be released. After my first year with Biff, I feel like I’m in another prison, but this time there is no hope of escaping. All I’ve accomplished is a prison switch. What can I do?

Biff seemed like an answer to prayer. He was such a nice guy, so it seemed. But after one year of marriage, Biff’s sin list was apparent.

  • Fear of Others
  • Hypocrisy
  • Flirtatious
  • Financial Debt
  • Pornography
  • Materialism
  • Lack of Close Friends

Case Study Questions

  1. What is Mable’s core sin issue? Why did you say that?
  2. How would you offer Mable hope?
  3. She can’t divorce Biff, so how would you help her practically?
  4. If you had an opportunity to guide her pastor, what would you tell him?