Case Study 2: To Date or Not to Date

Details – Read the scenario and answer the questions. Use a lot of Scripture, but do not write out the verses, just the references. As always, be brief, but amazing. Use a 12 point font. Each case study should be between two and three pages. Include the case study at the top of the first page. Then type out the first question with your answer. Then write out the next question with your answer, and so forth. After you finish, send the scenario, questions, and your responses to your supervisor.

Paulina is 18-years old. She is the oldest of four kids, and this is her first year at the local university. Her parents are solid Christians, and they have been faithful to teaching God’s Word to their children. They also have modeled it well before them. The family is tight-knit, and the children have never caused any major problems inside or outside the family.

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One of the things Biff, the dad, has taught his kids is that they would never date until they are ready for marriage and the right guy came along. His preference also meant dating would not happen until after college. His teaching on dating was never a problem and all the children signed off on it.

It was never a problem until now that Paulina is in her first semester of college. She told her dad that she wants to date and that she has been seeing a boy on campus. Biff and Mable come to you for advice on how to respond to their daughter. They want to give her the freedom to be an adult, but they have a strong preference that their children should not date.

Case Study Questions

  1. Is it wrong for Paulina to date? Why did you answer that way?
  2. What should honoring her parents look like now that she is out of the home?
  3. What Scriptures would you use to help guide the parents through this situation?
  4. If Paulina came to you for counseling, how would you counsel her?