Book Five

Read one-third of Introduction to Biblical Counseling, by John MacArthur and Wayne Mack. You will read parts two and three for your next two book assignments. Divide the book into three parts the best you can, and do the first part for this assignment. Details – There are five parts to each book assignment. I’ve outlined them for you here. Follow this template each time.(1) Write out a quote from the book. Give the page number. (2) Write out what the author meant for each quote. (3) Write out your personal application for each quote.Repeat this process nine more times. There will be ten quotes, meanings, and applications when you finish. The bottom two sections of the Response Paper are for sharing with others what you have learned and sharing a prayer to the Lord for this assignment.(4) Tell me who you shared it with and how that went. (5) Then write out a brief prayer regarding this book assignment.The paper should not be more than five pages with a 12 pt font. The idea is to be reflective, practical, succinct, and profound. You should be brief but amazing. Part of this exercise is to teach you how to reduce your thoughts into a few sentences per section, which will be hugely important when you’re talking to people.Besides personal application and holiness throughout this part of your program, you want to be able to think quickly, succinctly, profoundly, and practically when talking to others about applying the gospel to real life. Space out your quotes throughout the book, which will give you the opportunity to interact with the author and all of the content throughout the assignment. Include who you shared it with and a short prayer.