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How Does Your Faith Govern Your Heart This Election Season?

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When recently doing a study on Moses, something really grabbed my attention this time, and it wasn’t the usual question of how can anyone live off Manna for so long. The first chapter of Exodus gives us a glimpse into the lives of a truly amazing family, in particular, the parents.

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As I read Exodus, the attention is usually on Moses and his being used by God to lead the Israelites to safety. Often overlooked are the actions of Moses’ parents. These simple, but bold actions were seen as pure faith by God.

There is not a lot written regarding Moses’ parents, just a little in Exodus and some more in Hebrews. See Exodus 2:1; Hebrews 11:23)

Some Amazing Parents

I do not want to fill in the missing parts of Moses’ parents, but I do have some questions to ask. First off, how in the world did his mother hide him for three months? What convinced her she could no longer successfully hide him? And finally, how did she find the courage to place her child in a basket in the water?

Whereas the first two questions may never be answered, the book of Hebrews answers the last question.  Moses’ parents are mentioned in the great hall of faith. They were remembered years later for the faith they had in hiding their son, and also turning him loose in the river.

I can’t begin to imagine what would go through my head if my husband told me to have faith in placing our son in a basket in the river. I readily admit my faith would not have passed the test. This is why I have great respect for Moses’ parents and in particular, his mother.

This woman already had other children to look after while she was pregnant with Moses. Exodus gives us a look into the kind of life this family must have led as slaves in Egypt, and it was hard (Exodus 1:11-14).

During an already difficult time comes an edict from the king just to make the lives for the Israelites a little more interesting. The king ordered the midwives to kill baby boys but let daughters live. When the midwives did not obey because they feared God more, the king told his own people to cast out every son born to a Hebrew.

Being a pregnant slave with a family to look after could not have been an easy task and yet, Moses’ mother and father were still putting their trust in God. Why? I doubt it was because they knew there was an upcoming election and they were going to be able to vote for their candidate of choice.

Can We Trust God?

Fast forward a few thousand years and here we are, right on the cusp of another election. As I look at the strife going on in our country and around me, I am disheartened by how far we have strayed from God. We are by no means at the same place where Moses’ parents were, but we are on the edge of watching several of our freedoms crumble.

Before I was married and had children, going through a tough time was much easier because I had only to care for myself. The addition of a husband and children has drastically changed my thinking.

Now I have others to care for and protect. I sometimes feel absolutely helpless when I look at all the chaos taking place in our country. I even feel anxious about what the future of our country will look like for my children.

Then I read this amazing story of a woman who placed her son in a basket and set it to sail in a river, trusting God to either take care of him on this earth or take him to be with Him. Either way, she knew God was in complete control over this little life He had blessed her with and she trusted His care, the rest is history.

Sometimes it is easier to complain about what is taking place in our country than it is to have faith in God and His working out His plans.

Yes, His plans may involve strife and difficulties for America and things could get bad, real bad, but I challenge you to not put your faith in a person or in people who are like you and me, sinful. Our faith has to be in God and His ability to use all things, even bad things, for His glory.

Moses’ parents did not start up a “Make Egypt great again” campaign. There was nothing big or glamorous about what they did, at least not in our eyes. They humbly and submissively put their trust in the only One who was going to be able to take care of them.

As election time draws closer and closer, and possibly more freedoms will be lost in the future, who do you place your trust in during this difficult time? My hope is that your answer will be like that of Moses’ parents.

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