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Case Study: How Do I Honor My Older Parents?

Case Study How Do I Honor My Older Parents_
Mable and Biff have a beautiful relationship. They married each other seven years ago. She and Biff have two kids, five and two-years-old. Mable’s mom has been pressuring her to spend more time with her during the week. Her dad is passive, and the mom has always been the aggressor in the home.

Biff has been working long hours, and their family time has been hit-and-miss. When he is home, she wants to make sure they are doing things together, so she prepares by completing errands, cleaning, laundry, and other chores.

Mable also homeschools their five-year-old, which has been difficult because it’s the first time she has done homeschooling. She is unsure of herself and struggles with organizational and planning challenges that come with first-time homeschooling.

Her mom tells her that she needs to “obey and honor her parents” because the Bible says she should. Sarah is sensitive to the Lord and does not want to disobey in any way, but she does not have the time to love her husband well, serve the kids, run the home and spend part of each day with her mother.

She comes to you for advice on how to navigate this dilemma.

Case Study Questions

  1. What should honoring her mother look like for Mable?
  2. Is Mable sinning by not spending time with her mother?
  3. When the Bible says “Children obey your parents” how does that apply here?
  4. How would you counsel Biff and Mable?

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