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Here Is How to Find Help for Your Most Important Questions

Here Is How to Find Help for Your Most Important Problems

Our mission is to help people by providing practical tools and ongoing training for effective living. The joy of the mission is that people come from all over the world, hoping to find help for their most pressing problems, and God has positioned us to stand in that place to serve them.

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Sanctification Superstore

Because our service to you is in cyberspace, there is never an hour of any year where our doors are not open. I’m always mulling over the “will you help me” question. By the grace of God, we have never turned away anyone from giving them help. In this podcast, I want to share with you some of the ways you may receive help from this ministry.

There are many means of grace poured out for your benefit. With all relationships, there must be a mutual, reciprocal commitment. There are some things we can do, and there are a few you must do. If we both work at it, we will see the Lord do remarkable things for His fame and everyone’s benefit.

Our building is a salvation sanctification superstore shoved into cyberspace to serve the world. We intentionally chose not to have brick and mortar structures. Our goals have always been low overhead, easy access, and maximum reach. There is another goal—to make our resources as free as possible so that no one would have an excuse for not benefiting.

Read, Watch, Listen, Discuss

An easy way to remember our content offerings is what you see in our navigation bar: Read, Watch, Listen, Discuss. You may read, watch, listen, and discuss all things pertaining to life and godliness. Let me break down your benefits package for you.

Articles – I have written hundreds of articles about life issues. Most of our content is evergreen, not time-dated, current events. If you have a question, chances are, I have addressed it.

  • You may use our search box by typing in a word or phrase.
  • You can also go to our Topical Index page to find our library of articles by category.

Articles in Podcast – The Your Daily Drive podcast network is all of our articles produced in an audio format. We knew it was crucial for our community to have the option to listen to each article in a podcast. More than 70 percent of the people who come to us do so on a mobile device, which is why podcasts are more convenient than reading an article.

Life Over Coffee Podcast – Our second podcast network is topics where I do not write out the content in an article but provide bullet points in Show Notes. I also do interviews, which is one of the reasons we started this network. We wanted the ability to flex.

Free Updates – You may also subscribe to our weekly eBlast, where we keep our community up-to-date on our latest, most current resources. You may also subscribe to our once-a-month newsletter to our supporting community.

  • These subscriptions are free.
  • We never share your email with anyone.
  • You may subscribe or unsubscribe at any time.

Five Social Tools

More World-Class Resources

Store – We have a store full of books and downloadable eBooks. I do write paperback books that you can purchase, and we have a lot of downloadable content on our store page. While on the store page, check out our book recommendation list. We recommend approximately a thousand books on a range of topics.

Graphics – Our graphic page is phenomenal. There are infographics, posters, Instagram quotes, mindmaps, and so much more. All of these are free to you.

  • You can print a poster into vinyl for teaching your family or group.
  • The infographics make great overhead slides for training.
  • Sharing them on your favorite social media platform is a must.

Videos – We are producing new video content each week. There are hundreds of videos on our site, and all of them are free. Our videos range from forty-five seconds to one hour. The topics are seemingly endless.

Free Public Forum – We have a community forum that does not cost you to enjoy. Any person with access to the Internet can acquire a free membership and ask questions about life, God, others, situational difficulties, and personal decisions.

  • You may use your real name or a pseudonym.
  • You may want to flatten out your story to keep from identifying people and places.
  • Remember that you’re in a community: others can read what you write.
  • Always keep Ephesians 4:29 in mind when communicating.

Supporting Member

Private Forum – Those who support us financially have access to the free community forum, plus a private member’s forum. Our private forum is a much smaller community where we interact with those looking for help.

Mastermind Program – Some people want to take their training to the next level. These folks become students in our Mastermind Program. They hire us to train them for two or three years. It is a self-paced study program that tackles theology, psychology (sanctification), and the application of the two into their lives with the hope they will be able to help others.

Mastermind Training

Two More Things

Book Me as a Speaker – I have been speaking publicly for several decades on dozens of topics. I currently do a limited number of speaking events for churches, conferences, and business organizations each year. You can click here to begin the process of booking me for your organization.

Counseling – In 2015, I stopped conducting biblical counseling sessions because I had two full-time jobs with counseling and our growing ministry. What we’re doing ministry-wise is more crucial to our mission. If you want to meet with someone for one-to-one counseling, you may go to this link.

Partner with Us

Every week for many years, I have been pouring significant time, thought, love, and resources into this ministry. It’s my life’s work, which I provide free to all. It takes hundreds of hours a month and thousands of dollars to sustain. If you find any benefit in this labor of love, please consider a one-time or recurring donation of your choosing. Your support does matter. If you can help support our ministry, here are a few options for you:

  • Become a Supporting Member and choose the amount, either monthly or annually.
  • Become a Recurring Donor or One-Time Donor to our ministry.
  • You may give through the National Christian Foundation.
  • You may write a check in the name of The Counseling Solutions Group, Inc. and mail it to 120 Goodridge Court, Greer, South Carolina, 29651.


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