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    Jordan Smith

    Hello friends. I have recently become a life insurance salesman. I desire to hand people gospel tracts as I leave, but I am torn. On the one hand, God may use it to save someone. On the other hand, I am worried I will lose business and upset customers. If you were me, what would you do?

    Rick Thomas

    Hey Jordan,
    You have a thoughtful and caring question. I’m glad you love God, and want to spread His fame through evangelism.

    Ultimately, I cannot answer your question because the Bible does not forbid you from doing it or mandate that you do it. Thus, your query is a “wisdom issue” that you will have to decide.

    My article on decision-making is the best resource for coming to a conclusion, and I recommend that you read it, here

    Part of the answer will depend on your employer: what does he/she say (or expect)? If you own your business, you don’t have that question.

    If you are married, your wife’s opinion is vital. What does she say?

    There are three options for you:

    1. Do it.
    2. Don’t do it.
    3. Do it as God leads.

    The way I “answer” the question FOR ME is that I do it as God leads. It depends on the person and the situation. And, BTW, I do not use tracts, but I share a small card that I made that leads folks to this website.

    It’s more personal, and NOBODY ever turns me down because it is personal, which motivates them to accept it. My hope is that they will go to this site, see me, and be interested. It’s a “less cold way” to introduce someone to transformation, whether evangelism or sanctification.

    Twenty-five years ago, before technology, I did a similar concept. I wrote a tract and used that. People were more apt to accept something that I wrote than a tract from a church or other place.

    I would say to a person, “Hey, I wrote this. May I give this to you? I love for you to read it.”

    And I don’t ever recall anyone turning me down because they were intrigued. Back then, it was rare to “meet the author” of anything which gave me an advantage in sharing Christ.

    I hope these ramblings help. Let me know any questions you may have after you read the article.

    Peace to you, brother.


    Dear Jordan,

    GOD BLESS YOU and may your evangelistic outreach bear fruit!

    I also MUST share something that shares the gospel and I have an excellent tip for you.

    Please go to and look at their motion tracts. These are 3D images that are the size of a credit card. On one side is a beautiful changing image as you turn the card. On the other are Scriptures that share the gospel. I give these out to anyone, anywhere, anytime and after over 1 000 times only 1 or 2 were not SO HAPPY to get one!

    I say, “I like to hand out these bookmarks to everyone I meet and there are Scriptures on the back.” When they say thank you I say, “the best part is on the back.” There is often times more discussion, but usually just comments about how much they like it!

    I can not tell you how many stories I could share of how God has used them!!!! Let me know if you want to hear about that.

    My favorite cards are the emojis, the rose, the beach, the candy and the frog.

    There is one with a pumpkin coming up for the trick or treaters you may get.
    I am always in a bit if confusion about halloween, but last year I realized PEOPLE ARE COMING TO MY DOOR!! I will get small candy bars and hand out the pumpkin card and tell the children to read the bookmark I give them.

    They will remember who gave it to them and maybe I can say God bless you too.

    But for your clients, you can just say thank you so much for meeting me, here is my card and a little bookmark I like to bless my clients with. Make it about them. Tell them how grateful you are for their business and ask when they would like to meet again.

    The cards will let them know you love them and that you love God and care about about the most important thing.

    People are CRAVING for love and truth. You will be the light in the dark. You will feel tremendous joy in knowing you shared something with the gospel in a smart, creative and polite way. For those who are being drawn, they may ask more questions. It is good to remember the faithfulness, goodness and mercy of God. He will remind you what to say about the gospel, it is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe. The death, burial and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Yeshua Hamashia Jesus Christ. All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved. He died for our sins, was buried and in 3 days God raised Him from the dead. There is salvation in no other!


    PLEASE let us know how it goes!


    No other name…

    Jordan Smith

    Thank you Rick and Tara. I will definitely check out those websites, and do what I can to reach the lost.

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