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Are we to trust totally after forgiving someone?

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    If a person continually sins in a specific area and you continually forgive them, is there any caution in Scripture that we might learn from the past sin habit and not trust them in that area until they prove trustworthy in that area? Is caution biblical when we have forgiven a person?

    Rick Thomas

    Yes, it’s wise to be careful with a habitual sinner, even after they repent, assuming they have. The steps of repentance are laid out in this article:

    The Most Important Things You’ll Ever Learn To Change

    Per that article, it is possible to “forgive” them, and you are “reconciled” in the sense that the sin is no longer there, but that does not mean you could or should be best buddies.

    Those folks who are in your innermost circle of friends are those with whom you can have a reciprocal relationship—where both of you are open, honest, vulnerable, transparent, and trustworthy.

    Here is a three article set on koinonia (community or communication), which is what I’m talking about, and you cannot have this with every person, even if that person is your spouse:

    The Most Perfect Relationship You Will Ever Have

    All there articles are embedded in each one. Pay attention to the graphic, which is vital understanding when building your closest relationships.

    Bottom line is that you should love everyone, but that does not mean you can trust everyone. You should not be cynical about relationships but you must be discerning with whom you’re sharing your vulnerable self.

    You want to use wisdom in picking your closest friends:

    The Wisdom In Handpicking Your Friends

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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