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How to Find Your Writing Voice

RMlogo How to find your writing voice

One of the biggest keys to writing is to find your voice, which is not like anyone else. You are unique, and you need to write according to who you are, which will keep you from being fake, running off track, or having to over-think what you write. If it is you, it will come easy.

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And you will enjoy the process.

Guard your heart against the writing traps like using your medium to rebuke others passively. Having someone in your life who knows you and is willing to love you enough to speak into your life is a writing asset. They will be able to pick up on if you’re writing outside your voice.

Guard your heart against grandstanding. A lot of writers are more interested in generating buzz than changing lives. They want to draw an audience for self-glorying purposes. They run to the fire so they can leech on it. Popularizing the popular is wasted noise in a noisy medium.

You write according to who you are (your voice), while not giving two hoots over where the crowd has gathered. Don’t jump on the bandwagon or in the grandstands. Don’t write for likes, stats, or a following. Write because you can’t keep yourself from writing. Write because want to tell people about something, according to how you know something, so your passion can help them.

If people show up, they will show up for the right reasons. If they show up because you were grandstanding, you don’t want that following. That would be a mess. But if they follow you because they like your voice, you will want to build and collaborate with that kind of crowd.

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Now, when I say don’t write for the crowd, I don’t mean you should not consider them. You must know how your audience thinks, what they want, what the readers are looking for, and what they need. Then you answer their concerns according to your perspective, your views, and your passion. That is your voice.

You write to help them, not to use them to build your stats, glory, fame, or fortune. If they like what you write, they will return. If readers do come back, you won’t have a difficult time communicating with them because you’re just yourself.

Always be true to your voice. And don’t worry about what it is right now. If you keep using it, it will change and mature.

What you need right now are a lot of reps. That’s the only way to find your unique voice. It took me about seven years of blogging more than 1500 articles before I got comfortable inside my voice. Of course, that raises another thing: You must be “getting your reps in” by writing often.

There is no way to find your voice but through the constant exercising of it.

Go. Write. Change the world.

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