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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The confidentiality of the Forum

No one can access the Membership Site, but its members. Your name and other information does not come up on public searches and we do not share your information, except for what is outlined in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service statements.

When sharing personal information, you are welcome to change any and all pertinent and identifiable information. For example, you can change genders, names, locations, and even the type of issues you want to discuss on the Forum. Typically, it is not essential to know who you are talking about on the Forum.

You could say, “I’m working with a couple, let’s call them Bill and Mary, and here is what they are struggling with…” No one on our Member Site is interested in who the people are, though they are interested in helping people.

Fear of man – If you are struggling with fear of man (insecurity)–afraid of what people may think of your advice or thoughts on the Forum, ask the LORD to help you overcome this fear. We want our Members to enter into discussions on the Forum.

What are some of the ways I can use this site for my ministry or my church?

  1. Place various links from our site on your personal ministry or church website.
  2. Ask friends to watch and participate in any of our live events.
  3. Show the recorded webinars to a small group of friends.
  4. Teach our webinars yourself, paraphrasing and applying them to others.
  5. Ask your friends to become members.
  6. Provide memberships for your key leaders. Groups are 10, 20, etc.
  7. Ask your friends to subscribe to our website
  8. Use our articles as homework assignments.
  9. Add your own application questions to the articles so your friends can interact with the material.
  10. Use the Our Vimeo Channel for homework and/or instruction.
  11. Share our social media links.
  12. Model what you are learning before others.

How do I use the Forum? Do I share personal information?

The key to the Forum is to flatten out what you post. Do not make it sound like anyone in particular, even if you are writing about yourself. Of course, if you are writing about yourself and do not mind sharing certain information about yourself, that is fine.

The point of the Forum is not so much about the facts communicated as it is about the concerns or situations you are facing and the comments, truths, or counsel you are looking to receive in return.

The stories I write about in my weblog articles are not about real people, though they represent all of us. I want to communicate how to bring the Bible to bear on certain situations. Therefore, I alter names, places, genders, and circumstances.

This is a common practice. Jesus would use parables to communicate His points, “There was a man….” Or, “A man had a son…” We understand that His point was not so much about the facts of the story, but what He was trying to get us to see through the story.

Most of our members do not use the Forum because it is a new “venture” for many in our community. My hope is that you will use it and that this medium will grow into a more effective means of grace for you and others.

Do you have a “church rate” for churches who would like to get more of their members involved on your site?

I hope you will pray about talking to your church leadership about participating as a group with us. This is how it would break down:

Though we do not have a church rate, we do have a church or ministry plan.

  • 1 to 10 Members, the church would pay $50.00 per month.
  • 11 to 20 Members is $100.00 per month and so forth.

The reason the rate is essentially the same is the workload on our end actually grows with the blessing of more members. We originally made the monthly rate as low as possible ($5.00) so individuals and churches could afford it. If the church paid $50 per month, they could offer up to 10 Memberships for any of their people.

Here are the benefits to the Member and the Ministry…

The Membership fee would be free on the Member’s end. They could participate and enjoy the full website at NO COST to them!

The church would pay for their Memberships, which would be a small investment for the amount of training and community the individuals would receive.

We would do the work of providing materials, Forum feedback, webinars, and other great resources, essentially meaning the church or ministry is providing a professional discipleship trainer to certain select people.

How would it work?

Once the Church or Ministry subscribes to the Group Membership Package, we will give the “originator” or point person for the church or ministry 10 Usernames with Passwords. We would register them with specific usernames, e.g. First Baptist Church would be FBC001, FBC002, FBC003, etc. The church or ministry would be identified and the number of memberships given.

The Member would use their special username and password. The username cannot be changed, but they are free to change the password according to their preferences. They would have all the benefits of a single member, with the only difference being who is paying for their membership.

If you think this could serve your church, please pass this email along to your leadership.

Will my membership renew automatically, whether it is on a monthly or annual cycle?

Yes. For your convenience, your membership automatically renews according to the plan that you registered for when you first subscribed. If you would like to cease recurring billing, please contact us and we can stop your recurring cycle immediately, without notice.  We cannot offer a refund once it goes through our system, though we can stop any future billing.

I don’t want to use my credit card. What other options do you have?

You can mail a check to our home office for an annual subscription and we will sign you up for a 12-month membership. All monies mailed to The Counseling Solutions Group, Inc. are non-refundable. Our address is: 8595 Pelham Rd Ste 400 #406, Greenville SC 29615, United States

Is there a price break if we pay annually?

You can pay any recurring amount you choose that is $5 or more per month or $50 or more per year.

I am locked out and cannot get in. What do I do?

  • When you subscribed, did you fill out the registration form completely? Sometimes this form is not completely filled out and though you are subscribed, the site administrator does not have all of your information. In such cases, we may need to go into your information and reset it for you. We cannot access your password since that information is not retained. Therefore, we have to reset it.
  • Make sure you are using your username and password for this site. The username and password from any other site WILL NOT work on this site.
  • Please contact us and let us help.

Read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service statements.

Contact Us with your questions.