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From Feminist to Hollywood to Pastor’s Wife

RMlogo From feminist to Hollywood to pastor's wife(1)

I sat down with Sonja Piper Dosti to talk about how she went from a Hollywood executive to a pastor’s wife, and how the Lord has been working in her life during those significant life events. You can find all three parts of my interview in these Show Notes.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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Show Notes

About Sonja

Sonja Dosti is a pastor’s wife, living in Fresno, CA. Her husband, Ben, pastors Harvest Bible Chapel, an active evangelical church that is doing good work in central California.

Sonja’s life today is a far cry from what she used to be. Her parents divorced when she was three years old, only later to remarry each other and then divorce again before her teenage years.

She was “babysat” with movies and soon found them to be a pleasant escape, as well as a destination for her life. During college, she began an internship in Hollywood, a two-year stint that turned into a career.

Though she was a feminist, she also loved Jesus. Her Hollywood years did not weaken her walk with the LORD, but she became a more committed Christian in spite of her career track.

In 1998 she met Ben, and they were married two years later. She eventually walked away from Hollywood, though the affinity for the work has always been in her heart.

Today she is a committed wife, mother, and pastor’s wife, who longs to see the faith-based community producing higher quality films that are more in line with God’s Word.

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