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Enjoy Our Ministry On Your Favorite Social Media Platform

Enjoy Our Ministry On Your Favorite Social Media Platform

Our social media platforms are missional communities where people gather to engage with each other. We go into these communities with the gospel, which is our social media missional worldview. Similar to traditional missionaries who travel to the “communities of the world,” we do it through cyberspace. Click on any of our social media platforms to like, follow, share, and engage for the glory of God.

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In 2008, I decided our ministry would participate in social media because there is an “echo of omnipresence” through this means of God’s common grace. Through the “redemptive use of technology,” we could take the gospel to any place in the world that made use of the Internet. That has now happened. Stunning grace!

  • Pray that the gospel will go forth to draw individuals and families to our website for ongoing care.
  • Share our content on your social media platform.
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