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Engage Live

Engage Live RMlogo(1) Engage Live is your opportunity to talk with Rick about a practical and relevant topic that impacts your life. You can just listen in, or speak and chat with him. All of these “town hall” meetings are archived on our Member’s Engage Live page so any supporting member can listen later.

The pace and pattern of these live events are random. You’ll receive an appropriate notice of our next Engage Live event on this page, through our forums, and our social media outlets.

Use the Contact Form below to ask Rick about doing an Engage Live for you.

Past Engage Live events

Supporting members can find all past events here.

  1. How disclosing should church leadership be about why a person resigned?
  2. How do you motivate your church to become a discipleship community?
  3. What does it mean to submit to your husband?
  4. Biblical Solving communication problems, 1.0
  5. Biblical Solving communication problems, 2.0
  6. Physical intimacy in marriage, 1.0
  7. Physical intimacy in marriage, 2.0
  8. Walking through the steps of change
  9. Biblical perspective on disorders