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Day 4 – Teen Devotion: Forget About Self-Esteem

RMlogo Teen Tip 3 - Do not care about your self-esteem
Self-esteem is esteeming you more than others. The Bible teaches how you must turn your thoughts from yourself while counting others more significant.

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Biblical success has an other-centered quality to it. Do not fall into the self-esteem trap. Focus on serving others and accomplishing things for the benefit of others.

Our temptation is self-focus (Philippians 2:3-4). As negative circumstances mount, the easiest thing to do is to turn inward.

Perhaps you have not been led well. That was my story. My parents were poor leaders. I was abused and abandoned. It was the proverbial dog that was thrown into the pond and told to sink or swim. I learned how to swim, a self-sufficient “solution” that kept me self-focused.

It was not until I was 25-years old before I began to learn how my best life was in someone else, not myself. That was the day I submitted my life to Jesus. I quit complaining about the wrongs and accepted my responsibility to change. The Lord saved me, and that has made all the difference.

If you want to be somebody, give your life to Christ. Let Him do for you what you cannot do for yourself. Rather than expecting others to make you feel better about yourself, find your “feel good” in Jesus.

Time to Reflect

  1. How has the self-esteem worldview affected you?
  2. How do you think finding your identity in Christ will change what you need and how you think about yourself?
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