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Day 30 – Teen Devotion: Your Secret Weapon

One of the more surprising things that I have learned from a career in counseling is the average Christian does not know how to change. The Bible word for change is repentance.

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The irony is that the purpose for Jesus coming was so we could change. The point and force of the gospel are about change. One of the reasons we have lost our way is because we think about change primarily from a salvation perspective rather than a sanctification perspective.

The point of salvation is to get you into a position to change. The real change happens after you are born again. Like your physical birth, you were not complete when you came into the world but only after years of growing into a fuller version of yourself were you mature (1 Peter 2:2).

Getting saved is not all you need. It is all you need to be justified, adopted, and secure your seat in heaven, but salvation does not change you in the way you need to be up-fitted for living in a fallen world.

If God has saved you, the rest of your life is about repentance–the ongoing process of changing or what is called progressive sanctification. You do not need to be born again, again, but you must always be evolving (transforming) into Christlikeness.

Time to Reflect

  1. What is one thing about you that you want to change?
  2. Will you share that thing with a competent and compassionate Christian who can teach you how to change?
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