Day 20 – Teen Devotion: Voice Training

God gave every person an internal moral thermostat. It’s your conscience, your inner voice. It can be a means of grace to help you change, or it can be your worst enemy.

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Your conscience will react to how you respond to all things in life, whether they are sinful or not. If you do not respond biblically to sin, your conscience will respond by laying down a thin hard layer over the top of itself.

It is similar to a person who lays in the sun too long. The skin toughens in reaction to the sun. Whether an unrepentant sinner or a sunbather, the result is the same: their sensitivities are altered in unnatural ways.

Every conscience should be informed by God’s Word if you want to live well in His world. Your conscience and the Bible should be in the same place when it comes to an understanding “biblical sin” and how to respond to it. You will never be freer than when your conscience and God’s Word are singing in tune with each other.

Time to Reflect

How would you describe your conscience? Is it weak, hard, dull, or biblically-informed?

There are four means of grace to train your conscience correctly.

  • Canon – God’s Word.
  • Comforter – The Spirit of God
  • Community – Your Friends
  • Conscience – Your Inner Voice

How are these four means of grace working for you and what changes do you need to make, so your conscience is more in-line with God’s Word?

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